Sheela Masifi

I am an adult psychiatrist and Resident-Fellow Member of the American Psychiatric Association. I hold a BA in Psychology from UCLA, an MS in Physiology and MD from the University of Cincinnati. I have excellent and enjoyable residency training at the University of California, Irvine. I have completed clinical research in the areas of women’s health and pediatric bipolar disorder, with special focus in Asian American populations and social anxiety disorder.
As part of my residency training, I learned principles of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT); acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT); psychodynamic psychotherapy; and mindfulness. I then worked with patients to develop productive thought patterns and awareness of maladaptive defense mechanisms holding them back from their personal and professional goals. Because of the impressive growth so many of my patients experienced with a combination of medications and therapy, I know firsthand how important a balanced and collaborative approach to mental health really is. I’ve found it most rewarding to take the time to listen, remain open-minded, explain and discuss any diagnoses, and carefully consider my patients’ input and backgrounds in order for us to come up with an individualized treatment plan together.