Priscilla Avila

It takes vulnerability and courage to reach out and ask for support.

Simply being a human being, means that we will inevitably be Challenged, Beat-Down,
Overwhelmed, Frustrated, Confused, Anxious and Scared at one or at various points in our lifetime. This is normal and it is true for everyone. It is part of the human experience.
Coming together in a space of compassion, care and respect to peel back the complex layers of our emotions and behaviors is what paves the path to understanding, insight, awareness and change.

Let’s explore these challenges together, authentically; and work towards healing and
resolving the obstacles that get in the way of accessing the best version of ourselves. The
version whereby we feel Empowered, Confident, Strong, Balanced and At Ease.
I offer an integrative approach to therapy with an emphasis on Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness. I incorporate music and relaxation to aid with coping skills, stress management and symptom reduction. I am fluent in Spanish.

As a licensed psychotherapist and fellow human being; it is an honor to listen to your story and work together to help you reach your valued goals.