Estelle Goldstein

Although I am very familiar with diagnosing and treating the usual disorders in psychiatry, I always remember that I am a medical doctor first.

I use the model of "biological-psychological-social" examination. People change with time, and I do not believe in leaving a person on a simple medication-renewal program forever. I always check and see if symptoms are diminishing or recurring. That might require a dosage change. And if some underlying biological problems were overlooked by primary care physicians, or if physical problems develop, that can change the treatment picture.

Today's epidemic of obesity, Type II diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and other so-called metabolic syndromes will affect all the systems of the body. Changes in your eyesight, your heart rate, your appetite and habits like smoking, alcohol and caffeine consumption are all things that need to be considered for a holistic picture of where you are at, health-wise.

I don't believe that pharmaceutical prescriptions are the only method to wellness. I am not against them, but I know how to help you manage your health with natural alternative products. Do you take vitamins or other supplements? Are you trying to lose weight, but not doing it safely? Do you find your memory sometimes unreliable and dismiss it as simply aging?

That is where I come in to make sure that there is nothing seriously wrong that needs treatment, and to help you find your way through the mass of conflicting and contradictory information in the mass media and on the internet.

I want to help you, and I can show you how to feel better and live life to the fullest. As a former surgeon, neurologist, and psychiatric drug development researcher, I can put your health picture into perspective and give you the guidance you need.

Remember -- the most important thing is quality of life. Let's work together to help you enjoy great health.