Valerie D. Guevara

Location: Pasadena

I am a licensed clinical psychologist who specializes in depression, anxiety, relational and personal growth issues. Additionally, I currently work in the largest mental health institution in the country - Twin Towers Correctional Facility in Los Angeles. More specifically, I work in the Mental Health Unit which is a designated psychiatric hospital within the jail. At the jail, I care for patients with acute mental illness, ranging from substance abuse issues, personality, mood and psychotic disorders.

All of my training experiences, which have ranged from residential treatment centers, college counseling centers and correctional mental health institutions, have strengthened my understanding and focus on the underlying origins contributing to an individual’s presenting problem. My approach to psychotherapy is to help individuals pull from their strengths, as a means to explore possibilities for self-growth and change, while taking into account each person’s unique cultural, development background and life experiences. I strive to create a collaborative, comfortable, non-judgmental environment where you feel free to openly process what is on your mind and work through your emotional challenges. Most importantly, I meet you at where you are in your life. My hope is that together we can find the relief, personal growth, peace, and understanding that you seek.