Tana Espino

Position: MFT, ATR

When you look in the mirror, what comes up? What feelings do you have towards yourself? When you look at your partner, who do you truly see? What feelings arise?

Does LOVE come up for yourself or your partner? I’m here to support you in these areas and on your journey as you become more aware of your own inner strength.

I have a passion working with women and couples who are going through break-ups, relationship challenges, anxiety, depression, life transitions, spiritual crisis, and personal growth. I believe that understanding how to connect and maintain a loving, supportive relationship with yourself first, can initiate growth, healing, self-acceptance, self-confidence, and assertiveness in making the right choices in your life. What would it look like to feel good about yourself, nourish your body and mind, and then extending that out to your relationships? I enjoy working with women who are ready to make that shift in their life towards self-love.

In relationship challenges, I assist clients in getting to know themselves and their needs first, as well as their partner’s, in order for the relationship to grow. We may get into a relationship or marriage not understanding how to maintain it, nourish it, and grow from it- and we tend to give up so easily when problems arise. Feeling good about yourself, learning who you are in the relationship, as well as the needs of your partner, is the beginning step to unfolding the relationship you desire.

I am a licensed Marital and Family Therapist and a registered Art Therapist, and if you’re ready to dive into recognizing the love within, it would be a pleasure to Engage, Connect, and Empower you on your journey!

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