Lynette Broom

Position: RD

Location: Brea

“To all things in balance and moderation,” is a quote that I apply in all aspects of my life. I find it especially applicable within the field of nutrition. I truly believe there is room for every food in one’s life and work with clients to reject the diet mentality, honor their bodies and find peace with all food. In a culture that is saturated with incorrect nutrition information and the newest fad diet, I seek to bring sound science and my passion for all foods to my clients.

I hold two degrees from California State University of Long Beach, a Bachelor of Arts in Family and Consumer Sciences and a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics and Food Administration. After completion of my Didactic Program in Dietetics, I completed my Dietetic Internship through CSULB. I have four years of experience working with individuals who suffer from eating disorders, having worked at Shoreline Center for Eating Disorder Treatment in Long Beach, and Monte Nido’s Eating Disorder Center of California. I have helped my clients see the value in balanced eating and living through exposure therapy, nutrition counseling, and personalized meal planning. I promote an intuitive eating approach and help clients find the joy in eating again.

I also apply my clinical knowledge and expertise in meeting with clients. By having experience in a hospital setting, I am able to apply biochemical data and research-based knowledge to my client’s individual needs. I have worked with complex cases such as short bowel syndrome, colon resection, cholecystitis, pancreatitis, diabetes, chronic liver failure, respiratory failure, and cardiac failure.

My spare time is spent with my husband, two beautiful daughters and fellow foodie friends. I have experienced different cultures and food across the globe, having traveled to eastern Africa, central Mexico, and the Caribbean. From my travels, I have learned the power food has to bind people and bring them together. I believe the value of food transcends nutrition and strive to bring that love and passion to my clients.

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