Dr. Joanne Royer

Position: Ph.D., LMFT

For more than 20 years, Dr. Joanne Royer has practiced psychotherapy and in 2006 added the professional skills to become a certified professional coach. Dr. Royer’s passion is working with women, especially those approaching 50 and beyond, to help them them recognize their own blind spots, coaching them on getting back to basics by being the change they want to make in both their lives and the lives.

Dr. Joanne is an advocate and will take your hand and although at times can be soft spoken, is rather directive in her approach which provides her clients just the right nudge they need to take those baby steps forward through change. Dr. Royer be-lieves in working collaboratively and in partnership with her clients believing they al-ready have the answers they are seeking within them. It’s time to learn to teach them how to connect mind and heart.

If you are challenged by sadness, feeling alone and possibly disconnected, perhaps anxious, and hampered by that critical voice that keeps your thoughts in a spin cycle of perfectionism, self-doubt, not feeling capable and as confident as you’d like to be, it’s time to learn how to have a different relationship with yourself so you can move for-ward in feeling your Joy.
Group and Individual work offered.

Dr. Joanne Royer holds a PhD in Clinical Child Psychology and is a Licensed Mar-riage and Family Child Therapist. Membership includes California Association of Mar-riage and Family Child Therapy and the International Coaching Federation.

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