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Suffering, Acceptance, and Change

Suffering, of one sort or another, often brings people into therapy.  It may be the ache of an unrequited love, the gnawing sense of dissatisfaction with a job, or the stabbing pain of a loved one’s death. It may be the relentless misery of chronic depression, the oppressiveness of an addiction, or the crippling panic […]

Guilt and Shame: How are they different?

Every one of us – at least those of us who are not psychopaths – has experienced guilt and shame at some point in our lives.  Many people experience them on a daily basis.  Sometimes we think of guilt and shame as being one and the same, but they’re really not.  They serve two very […]


One of the biggest myths perpetuated by classic children’s stories – and by Hollywood – is that, once they are married, couples live “happily ever after.”  The reality, as we’ve all heard by now, is that nearly half of marriages in the United States end in divorce.  Many obstacles factor into that dispiriting statistic, but […]