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Jessie Swartz
Jessie Swartz,

Location: Cypress

You are not your problems but a full person with a name, history, and a unique personality. Starting the journey of therapy can be overwhelming but right now you have already succeeded in being brave! Welcome, my name is Jessie Swartz. I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and earned my degree from Alliant International University. As an MFT, my focus is on how people function through their relationships either creating distance or connection. 

During this collaborate process we can begin to utilize your inner resources and strengths that have been covered up due to stress, anxiety, worry, depression or negative circumstances. To meet your needs, I use a variety of personalized techniques that we will build together. I commonly use ideas from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy which alters stuck patterns of thinking into more useful ways of problem-solving leading to positive change.  In addition, Mindfulness practices are viewed as a method to find time to pause, be present in the moment, enhancing your joy and gratitude towards life. These ideas can be applied to anxiety, depression, parenting, life transitions, and all types of relationships. 

I specialize in working with children, teens, and their families helping them navigate the many challenges of growing up while supporting a harmonious environment. I have over 10 years of experience working with at-risk youth in special education, residential treatment programs, and juvenile justice department. These children often exhibit challenging behaviors which their intensity can be transformed into beautifully creative and constructive ways of engaging in their personal/family relationships or at school. I am passionate about inspiring the best in others. It is both fulfilling and humbling to see the resiliency in my clients and the growth they can achieve when they work toward self-improvement. I look forward to meeting with you and starting our conversations.