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Joshua Matthews
Joshua Matthews,

Location: Cypress

Welcome to New Day Psychotherapy Group!  I provide holistic, and collaborative therapy for depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, substance dependence, and a multitude of other concerns.  My therapy is oriented around helping individuals, couples, and families get free of distress and experience a new joy, clarity, and satisfaction in their lives.  

"Holistic" in this case means working with the multiple aspects of life that factor into overall well-being, happiness, and success in one's chosen path.  Total happiness and well-being can be thought of as the outcome of an equation which includes the domains of physical health, spirituality, one's psychoemotional landscape, work, relationships, values, etc. 

In technical terms, my base is in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT), though I use that form of therapy flexibly and in conjunction with humanistic, postmodern, and transpersonal psychology.  Pure CBT approaches to therapy tend to be rather limited, and they also typically position the therapist as the person who determines the "correctness" of a person's path or way of thinking, rather than the person themselves.  I do not do this.  Instead, I collaborate with my clients to help them create an ever more optimal expression of their own uniqueness as a human being, based on their preferred ways of experiencing life.

I also specialize in couple's therapy, and I base my work here in Emotionally-Focused Therapy (EFT).  EFT makes use of modern research in "attachment theory," and sees the lack of a safe, trusting, and intimate connection between two people as the root of their relationship distress.  When couples are distressed and unhappy with each other, and when there has been a breakdown in trust and sense of warm connection, they often interact around hard, defensive emotions of anger and coldness.  EFT has become perhaps the premier, evidence-based form of couple's therapy because it goes right to the root of the matter and helps couples connect again around the softer emotions that lie underneath the anger and disconnection manifesting on the surface.  As with my approach to individual therapy, I use EFT flexibly and in conjunction with other effective modalities for couple's therapy - I am not a "pure" EFT therapist, but it forms the foundation of my work with couples.

My therapeutic style is friendly, non-judgmental, insightful, and very compatible with a diversity of cultures, spiritualities and/or religions, and lifestyles.  Many different paths can be taken to fulfillment - so it's about your path and the things that can work for you.  While I will certainly provide my perspectives when I feel they are appropriate, and have a great deal of education and training in the area of human happiness and well-being, I do not have a preset idea of what your optimal life looks like.

Essentially, my goal is to help you create the life you want as quickly as possible - good therapy shouldn't take years, and benefits should be readily apparent.